Turning a degree into a career: Philadelphia employers offer advice for the job search

If you’re like most working adults, there have probably been times when you wished you could get inside the head of an employer and read her mind during an interview. Am I making a good impression? Did I answer that question the way she hoped I would? Does it look bad that I’m changing career paths after 10 years in the same industry?

Well, today’s your chance to do just that! Peirce College’s Career Development Services recently hosted a Human Resources Panel bringing together employers from the Philadelphia region to answer your questions about landing the interview and getting the job.

Our panel of hiring experts included:

Tune in to the video below (originally aired on Peirce’s blog) to watch highlights from the HR panel discussion. You’ll hear our panelists talk about employers’ expectations; cover letter, resume, and interviewing tips; and the skills employees need to remain competitive in the workplace. They also share advice about how to approach a career change, what to do if you’ve been laid-off, and how to improve your job search and rise above the other job candidates.

Learning is about more than what goes on in the classroom. Earning your degree is the first step towards landing a job that turns into a career you love. But a college education should also teach you the skills you need to translate your degree into a career. Learn how to leverage that education into a successful job search with resources like this video and the support of the Career Development Services team.