Today is the day that could change everything

Actually, it’s already changing everything. You’ve been carrying the idea of “changing everything” with you for years. And now you’re here, reading this post, wondering if Peirce can help you change everything fast.

You need, you want, you must make a change. Despite your worries about what life as a student might bring, you’ve decided to go back to school and get your degree. You know it’s the ticket to a better job, a better career, a richer life. But what you don’t want is to be delayed or frustrated by mountains of paperwork or waiting months to get admitted.

At Peirce, we can help you change everything fast. We know it’s hard to make the decision to return to school. We want you to start your transformation right away. That’s why we aim to minimize the number of days between your first chat with us and your first day in class.

Our admissions team is waiting for your e-mail, your call, or your visit right now. When you send us an e-mail or leave us a message, we’ll get back to you within hours, if not minutes. We can schedule an immediate appointment with you, so you can meet us face-to-face and get the ball rolling, fast. At other schools, your future is waiting. At Peirce, your future is now.

And more good news if you’re looking to get in the classroom as quickly as possible: At Peirce, we don’t follow a traditional course schedule. Classes start every month, so you never have to wait a long time to start earning credits toward your degree. And our flexible schedules for online and night classes make it easy to quickly fit your education into your work and family life.

We also speed up the two things that slow down most folks who decide to go back to school: (1) getting credits transferred from other schools, and (2) funding your education. If you have your transcripts, we can give you an immediate credit transfer evaluation. And if you have all the information needed to fill out your FAFSA and loan applications (e.g., your income tax returns, bank statements, and investment records), the tuition reimbursements, payment plans, and financial aid work can be completed in less than an hour (fast enough for you?).

Getting financial aid is a top priority for most of our students. Tuition cost and the time it takes to get approved for financial aid are the biggest obstacles for going back to school. That’s why our financial aid department customizes plans to work for each individual student, and only admits students who can afford the program (the fact that 94 percent of Peirce students repay their student loans proves this). We find the right combination of loans, grants, scholarships, reimbursement plans, and aid packages to ease the financial burden.

Today IS the day that can change everything. Start being proud of what you do. Start earning what you’re worth. Start changing everything, for the better. Schedule some time for an honest, open-ended, no-obligation conversation with a Peirce enrollment representative.

Contact Peirce today to get the whole story about your future. Call 888.GO.PEIRCE (888.467.3472), ext. 9000, today or e-mail us right now at