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Is online learning as effective as in-person learning?

Institutions that offer a combination of online and traditional classroom experiences face this commonly asked question: Is online learning as effective as in-person learning? It certainly can be. That answer is largely dependent upon the unique needs of each individual student. There are a variety of elements for prospective students to consider when determining what kind of education is the best fit for them. In 2009, the U.S. Department of Education commissioned a report (conducted...Read More »


Honoring military service for college credit

Continuing education has always been a key resource for both active and former U.S. service members and their families. It gives them access to increased earning potential, leverages their military experience and education, and gives them a new direction once they’ve completed their service. For service members in particular, pursuing a degree might mark the culmination of the time and effort they’ve already put into their military service. Many service members come to college with...Read More »