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Resources for Adult Learners: Time Management

Working adult students at Peirce College get support from the Walker Center for Academic Excellence to manage common concerns and issues important to them. Walker Center resources are designed to help you balance completing your degree while juggling the demands of work, school, and family. The following Walker Center presentation on Organizing Time will help you organize your life to become more productive and better able to complete tasks and projects. You will learn the...Read More »


Resources for adult learners from Peirce College

On the path to earning a degree and finding a job, there are several ways that Peirce College helps students better manage the demands of their classes and effectively connect with potential employers. These resources come in the form of time and stress management advice, sample resumes and cover letters, and tips for achieving the professional look expected in today’s workplace. Download these resources to tackle the most common problems that working adult learners face...Read More »