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Turning a degree into a career: Philadelphia employers offer advice for the job search

If you’re like most working adults, there have probably been times when you wished you could get inside the head of an employer and read her mind during an interview. Am I making a good impression? Did I answer that question the way she hoped I would? Does it look bad that I’m changing career paths after 10 years in the same industry? Well, today’s your chance to do just that! Peirce College’s Career Development...Read More »


Earning a degree at Peirce: Students share what it means for their lives and careers

It’s safe to say that working adults have different priorities than traditional age students when it comes to choosing a college. For someone balancing a job, a family, and other responsibilities that come with being an adult, the deciding factor is probably not the fraternities, resident life, or sports teams. While these can be great elements of a college experience, they aren’t top priority for someone looking to earn a degree that will put them...Read More »


Degree completion for adult students: Navigating the work-life balance

The path to degree completion is not always a smooth one — for college students of any age. For working adults who balance family, job, and school, that path is oftentimes interrupted by the birth of a baby, a new work schedule or increased workload, the loss of a family member, or other everyday-life stress. So is it worth it? At Peirce College we certainly think so. There are so many benefits that come with...Read More »