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Alumna turned author tells her story of success

Like many adult students, Fiona Harewood faced real challenges in the pursuit of her bachelor’s degree, but she never wavered in her focus, commitment, and dedication. In 2009, she graduated magna cum laude with her bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies from Peirce College. Fiona was extremely successful in her academic pursuits, and has continued that success in her career progression. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Fiona landed a job as a Senior Case Technician with...Read More »


Graduate of Peirce College’s Paralegal Studies program discusses how earning a degree changed everything

Today is the day that could change everything. Peirce College alumnae Vaneeda McDonald-Clyburn recently sat down with Peirce Connections to tell us about her journey at Peirce, and the day that changed everything for her. After earning her associate degree from the College in 1989, Vaneeda took a 14-year hiatus in the working world before one day deciding to come back to earn her bachelor’s, and that decision helped shape where she is today. Click...Read More »