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Career coach Robb Pardee explains how social networking can accelerate your career

Many working adults make the choice to return to school and earn their degrees to take their careers to the next level. And once you’ve returned to school, there’s even more you can do to enhance your professional life. Robb Pardee is a nationally recognized expert on LinkedIn and social networking for business, and founder and president of Strategic Leadership Coaching, a career and leadership development firm in Warminster, Pa. In the podcast below, he...Read More »


Resources for Adult Learners: Tips for Perfecting your Professional Image

Peirce College provides a number of resources that help students achieve their post-college goals. One of those goals is securing a career. Perfecting your professional image is an important step as you make these dreams a reality. Here is a guide for presenting your best self by selecting business attire that suits you. Even if you have the degree, the knowledge, and the drive, it is important to look your best in order to impress...Read More »