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Resources for Adult Learners: Cover Letters and Professional Summaries

Peirce College provides a number of resources that help students achieve their post-college goals. One of those goals is securing a career. Perfecting your resume is an important step as you make your dreams a reality. Here are some sample cover letters and professional summaries offered by Peirce’s Career Development Services (CDS) Center—two great ways to present your strengths and experience to a hiring manager. Sample Cover Letters: A cover letter is like a book...Read More »


Resources for adult learners from Peirce College

On the path to earning a degree and finding a job, there are several ways that Peirce College helps students better manage the demands of their classes and effectively connect with potential employers. These resources come in the form of time and stress management advice, sample resumes and cover letters, and tips for achieving the professional look expected in today’s workplace. Download these resources to tackle the most common problems that working adult learners face...Read More »