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Peirce College admissions representative explains the college application process

When it comes to navigating the path to higher education, working adults face a unique set of challenges. In the podcast below, Peirce College admissions representative Eileen Snyder walks aspiring adult learners through the steps it takes to get back to school and completing a college degree. Eileen answers some of the most common questions that adult students have when returning to school. Listen to the podcast below for advice about finding a school that is...Read More »


Today is the day that could change everything

Actually, it’s already changing everything. You’ve been carrying the idea of “changing everything” with you for years. And now you’re here, reading this post, wondering if Peirce can help you change everything fast. You need, you want, you must make a change. Despite your worries about what life as a student might bring, you’ve decided to go back to school and get your degree. You know it’s the ticket to a better job, a better...Read More »