Stop complaining about your boss

And start planning for the day you get a job you love, thanks to a degree from Peirce College.

You arrived here today for one reason: You saw our advertisement, and it spoke to you. It moved you. It motivated you. It stayed with you.

Because you know you have a problem — a problem with your boss and your unsatisfying job. We don’t have to tell you that. And we certainly don’t want to rub it in. But we can help you liberate yourself by arming you with the credentials it takes to get the great career you deserve.

Get a better boss. Or be your own boss. Or be the boss of a division or department in a larger organization. That sounds good, doesn’t it? But are those goals realistic? Your life is busy. Money is tight. And can a college degree really make a difference?

Good questions. Let’s address them and some others that you’re probably asking yourself.

  • How can I fit college into my busy life? That might be a concern at other schools, but Peirce has a program to fit every schedule. For example, right now, about 2,300 Peirce College students are attending classes that meet either at night or online. They head to campus after work; or they have dinner at home with the family, put the kids to bed, and log-on to conduct their studies online. At Peirce, 50% of students are over 30. A large number are raising families, and many are single moms. If they can do it, you can too! Talk to a Peirce enrollment representative about your busy schedule, and see how we can help you fit a college education into your life.
  • How can I afford college? Spend a few minutes chatting with someone in our financial aid department, and you might be surprised to learn that you probably qualify for financial aid. You probably also qualify for one of our tuition reduction programs.
  • Isn’t a degree just a piece of paper? No, it’s a credential, and one that you’ll need to set yourself apart from the competition in the job market. Philadelphia-area employers aren’t just looking for personality. They want solid experience and a solid degree from a solid educational institution; a degree that proves you have what it takes to help their company grow. Area employers trust a degree from Peirce because of the difference so many of our graduates have made to their businesses over the years. So if you’re hitting the job market armed with a high school diploma or an unfinished associate or bachelor’s, you’re nowhere near as well-armed as you could be with a degree in business administration from Peirce.
  • Aren’t my years of experience enough? Maybe not, or you would have the job of your dreams today, and wouldn’t be reading this blog post. A Peirce degree in business administration will hone the most important skills you need to get ahead: the ability to think critically, the confidence to lead, and the knowledge to be successful as an entrepreneur. Peirce has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed, because our professors have the real-world experience students need. They were top executives, founders of start-ups, and executive thought leaders. Now they’re passing on the fundamentals that took them to the top — management, accounting, marketing, and more — to the Delaware Valley’s next generation of business leaders. And that means you.
  • Don’t you have to go to an Ivy League school to get anywhere in the business world? Says who? Peirce graduates have gone on to become leaders in industry and government. Business education is what Peirce has been about since we opened our doors in 1865. Today, 145 years later, we’re still offering degree programs in business administration that can take you from the mail room to the board room. Since July 2000, we’ve had just under 4,500 students (including those currently enrolled) choose Peirce for their business degree.

Put an end to the days of grumbling about your boss. Start being proud of what you do, and start earning what you’re worth. Budget some time for an honest, open-ended, no-obligation conversation with a Peirce enrollment representative.

Contact Peirce today to get the whole story about your future. Call 888.GO.PEIRCE (888.467.3472), ext. 9000, today or e-mail us right now at