Resources for Adult Learners: Resume Writing

Peirce College provides a number of resources that help students achieve their post-college goals. One of those goals is securing a career. Perfecting your resume is an important step as you make your dreams a reality.

Here are three sample resumes offered by Peirce’s Career Development Services (CDS) Center that are designed to package your accomplishments and education in a way that shows potential employers that you’d be a valuable asset to their organization.

  1. Chronological Resume: If you have ample professional experience, show it! List your skills and credentials by date (in reverse chronology).
  2. Combination Resume: Sometimes it’s best to talk about WHAT you’ve done instead of WHEN or HOW LONG you’ve done it.
  3. Functional Resume: Are you in a career transition? If so, the functional may be the best of both worlds (chronological and functional).

Have questions about resume writing or how to achieve your professional goals? Visit or e-mail Career Development Services.