Growth spurts aren’t just for teenagers

The bills show up each month. You show up for work every day. The kids show up after school with homework they need your help with. The weekends show up with more chores than play.

You have taken on all the responsibilities and met the expectations of adulthood. But life is not everything you had hoped it would be when you were younger. Something is missing: career growth. That’s why the advertisement you saw today stuck with you. Your career hasn’t grown with the rest of your life. But take heart. It’s never too late to start a growth spurt.

That said, for working adults like you, going back to school can be scary. You lead a far busier and more complex life than the traditional 18-year-old college student. You want a college that understands what working adults need to successfully return to school, earn a degree, and capitalize on that degree to grow your career.

Peirce understands. We promise an environment that welcomes students who want to focus solely on coursework that will help them reach their goals. You won’t find Greek life, athletics, dorms, and dining halls at Peirce. But you will find:

  • An average student age of 35. Indeed, the majority of Peirce students are between 31 and 40. When you enroll in one of our programs, you are surrounded by like-minded people whose goals and experiences are similar to your own. In fact, a survey of Peirce students found the top two reasons for going back to school are personal achievement (52 percent) and professional growth (22 percent). Sound like you?
  • A campus bustling in the evenings and quieter during the day. Our face-to-face class schedule reflects the one thing working adults need most when returning to school: plenty of classes that meet after 5 p.m. And our online classes are also brimming with people who are balancing school with career and family demands. No matter how busy or unpredictable your schedule, Peirce has an option that will make going back to school feasible and manageable for you.
  • A total focus on developing the skills you need to get further in the working world. Our degree programs are formulated to reintroduce working adults, no matter their age, to the college life that works for them. It’s a unique approach that clearly works for our working adult students, as evidenced by our high retention rate.

Yes, working adults can have growth spurts, too. The difference: teens have growth spurts because they have to. Adults have growth spurts because they want to.

You’ve decided you want to grow. We’re here to make it happen. There are over 2,500 people just like you already growing at Peirce. Want to meet them? Schedule some time for an honest, open-ended, no-obligation conversation with a Peirce enrollment representative.

Going to college isn’t just for teens and twenty-somethings. Come find out how we’re going to make it work for you. Contact Peirce today to get the whole story about your future. Call 888.GO.PEIRCE (888.467.3472), ext. 9000, today or e-mail us right now at