Alumna turned author tells her story of success

Like many adult students, Fiona Harewood faced real challenges in the pursuit of her bachelor’s degree, but she never wavered in her focus, commitment, and dedication. In 2009, she graduated magna cum laude with her bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies from Peirce College.

Fiona was extremely successful in her academic pursuits, and has continued that success in her career progression. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Fiona landed a job as a Senior Case Technician with the Social Security Administration, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. In addition to her career, she just completed a master’s degree in Public Policy at Drexel University.

Since graduation, Fiona has stayed connected to the Peirce community, which is how we heard about her latest milestone — becoming a published author!

Fiona has written a book that charts out her path to making higher education a reality. She wrote “I Did It … You Can, Too!” with the goal of providing inspiration and resources to others who may face some of the very same challenges she has faced on her educational journey.

On the back cover she asks:

Have you ever considered going back to school but thought it would be too hard? Or that you were too old? Or that you simply couldn’t afford it? Have setbacks, challenges, and false starts been unwelcomed companions in your life? I had all the same doubts and fears, but with lots of faith and hard work, I persevered. And so should you!

I know what it’s like to go through life with a limited amount of education, being barely able to make ends meet because of it. Thankfully, a friend showed me how going to college and earning a degree could increase my earning potential, enable me to have a career I desired, and set an example for my children and my community.

I was honored to receive a copy of Fiona’s book, and even more touched when I discovered the handwritten inscription that she included in this particular book:

Professor Miller,
You and all my other professors were “the wind beneath my wings.”
Fiona Harewood

We’re so proud to have Fiona as a Peirce alumna and are excited to see what her next milestone will be. Here’s to Fiona Harewood, and all the other students who overcome obstacles every day to make their dream of an education a reality!